Introducing Forge UNLOCKABLES

Every order placed site-wide directly contributes to expanding the Forge ecosystem.

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Ergo Bolt-On

As crowdfunding veterans, we created Forge™ Unlockables to provide all the fun of goal-based rewards with increased safety & flexibility for project backers. Unlike traditional crowdfunding sites, with Forge Unlockables, your reward is guaranteed when a goal is reached, and is eligible for refund at any time. There are also no time limits, so that new rewards can be added and unlocked in perpetuity.

A small list of goals is outlined below to get things started. If you would like to follow progress, or propose Unlockables to be added, we would love to invite you to join the conversation in our online community here:

Just like you, Forge has infinite potential both inside and out, and there’s no limit to how far we can go together!